Carrs Toolsteel Technologies host brilliant breakfast event


The latest Made in the Midlands breakfast event was hosted by Carrs Toolsteel Technologies Ltd on Thursday 5th April at their premises in Tipton, West Midlands.

Carrs Tool Steels has been supplying its customers with high quality tool steel, originally as Sheffield based Rich’d W Carr and, since a management buyout in 1992 as Carrs Tool Steels Limited.

Following a major investment in new milling technology – the first such machines in Europe, Carrs Toolsteel Technologies is able to offer high precision, blocked up tool steel pieces, to customer’s specifications at economical prices.

Guests were supplied with a brilliant catering range at the event and were provided with customised gift bags to thank guests for visiting the event. Managing Director of Carrs Toolsteel Technologies, Andrew Eastwood stated: “The breakfast event has been really great with around 50 people in attendance. This includes some customers, suppliers and a lot of new people so it has been very good.”

Carrs Toolsteel Technologies have been a member of Made in the Midlands since 2011 and have seen the membership base significantly expand, as Eastwood added: “It is incredibly important that people talk to each other as people need to share information and ideas. For example, our Operations Director has spoken to a guard supplier for some machinery and that would not have happened without this breakfast event.”

Carrs will offer its wide range of tool steel qualities finish-milled on all six faces. Customers will be able to specify their exact size requirements and the company aims to maintain its existing rapid turn-around of orders.

Eastwood explained: “We can do in minutes what it would take an hour or more on conventional equipment. This offers real benefits to our customers both in terms of cost and time. Since starting production in 2009 Carrs have delivered over 200,000 pieces of Readymilled products.”

The next breakfast event will take place at I M Kelly Automotive in Coventry, West Midlands and tickets have already sold out due to popular demand. You can still register tickets to our future breakfast events at CeraCon, Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre by visiting our events page here.

In the upcoming weeks, we will hosting our record-breaking Made in the Midlands Exhibition. This year, the event will be hosted at the Ricoh Arena and we are set to welcome over 2,000 guests with 200 exhibitors including Carrs Toolsteel Technologies. You can register your ticket to the event here.

If you are interested in hosting a breakfast event of your own, please contact our Group Events Manager Iwona at: [email protected] and to register your exhibition ticket, please visit this link.